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Important notice:


Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we have introduced new, extra safety measures that conform to the latest Government guidelines.

The Government has classified earwax removal as an essential service, so our staff will wear PPE and we have spaced out the appointment times
to allow for a thorough cleaning between patients.


To comply with Government regulations, we have to operate a strictly "one in, one out" policy to maintain social distancing, so please don't arrive more than 5 minutes early for your appointment time, as our waiting areas are restricted.


We ask that you do not attend if you have any of the following symptoms:

Continuous cough, fever or changes to your sense of taste or smell.


We are all looking forward to this being over, but in the meantime, please keep safe.

The All Clear Hearing Team

Ear Wax Removal


Also referred to as ear syringing, ear irrigation, ear cleaning, ear wax removal and ear wax microsuction, removal of ear wax is a highly skilled procedure that should only be performed by a suitably qualified and experienced practitioner


If you live in Bolton, Wigan, Chorley and the surrounding areas, then please contact All Clear Hearing to arrange a free, no obligation review of your ear canals.


Ear Wax Microsuction


At All Clear Hearing we only offer microsuction which is the safest
and most effective method of wax removal.


Ear wax is a naturally occurring substance in the ears which can sometimes build up and block the ears or become impacted and cause hearing loss, discomfort, itching or tinnitus.


Hearing aid users are especially prone to a wax build up and it can make hearing aids less effective and cause an unpleasant whistling.


Ear wax microsuction is a safe and painless way to remove ear wax quickly and efficiently, usually without the need to administer ear drops for weeks beforehand. It is suitable for most adults and children over 12 and can even be done if the eardrum has been perforated or surgery has been performed on the ears.

Microsuction is the preferred method of ear wax removal as many GPs are reluctant to use ear irrigation (commonly known
 as ear syringing) due to the risks* involved and possible discomfort caused by syringing.


If you feel that a build up of wax is affecting you, then contact All Clear Hearing where you will be assessed by a fully qualified, NHS trained, registered clinical ear practitioner.


We will show you the inside of your ear using a video camera and advise you accordingly
(there is no charge for just having a look).


Ear Wax Removal Prices


£65 for microsuction of both ears

£40 for one ear


Sometimes a second visit may be needed to clear all the wax, especially if it is severely impacted. A £20 charge is made under these circumstances, but this will be deducted from the amount payable when the wax is fully cleared on a subsequent visit.

To arrange your FREE no obligation assessment

*risks of ear syringing include tinnitus, perforation of the eardrum, vertigo (dizziness), hearing loss, pain, infection and trauma to the ear canal.


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